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James McPherson

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James McPherson is an Information Technology & Multimedia graduate with industry experience. He has developed a broad range of skills, from Communications & Content creation to Ubuntu server Administration & Front End Web Development.

James has experience in a diverse number of areas, ranging from Technical Support, Marketing and Media Promotions, Front-End Web Development, Windows Administration, Ubuntu Remote Service Administration, to Security Control Room Operations, Customer Service Operations, and Crowd Control and Professional Fitness studies. He is also the sole proprietor in a Video Production venture, in addition to having over two-million views on his niche YouTube Channel.

James began his working life in 2012, working in retail and washing cars whilst studying. From 2013 to 2018, James lived independently while continuing his studies. He worked a variety of positions to support this lifestyle choice, including a casual position at Wilson Parking Burswood every Friday to Sunday (2014-2018). Whilst working at Wilson Parking and studying, James completed a Cert II in Security Operations & Crowd Control. Later, in 2016, he became the youngest Security Control Room Operator at Threat Protect, a job involving a high volume of calls and critical decision-making capability. Looking to progress in this position as an adjunct to studies, James acquired a position as a Belmont Wilson Security Operations Controller at the Head Quarters of Wilson Security In Western Australia.

Deciding to concentrate on his computer development skills, James retired from his Security position and began teaching himself Front End Angular JS development, HTML & CSS development, acquiring a position with a local Start-up for a short period. Building on this, in the final unit of his degree, James gained a credit from UWA’s FABLE program where he Interned as a Communications, Media & Marketing Officer for UWA’s Career Centre, achieving a high result and a glowing recommendation from the Unit Co-ordinator, Peter Robinson (2018).

Following Graduation, James began Post-Graduate Study in an adjacent field, Cyber Security, before withdrawing in favour of a return to the workforce. He then secured a three -month contract with Dental Health Services as a Technical Support Officer in 2020.

James holds a Bachelor of Communications & Media from The University of Western Australia and has made progress towards a Post-graduate Diploma of Cyber Security from Edith Cowan University. James has Certificates in Traffic Management, Traffic Control, Security Operations, Crowd Control, a Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness.

James operates – Realtalk Games,,,,,

-Current First Aid Certificate

-Registered Security/Crowd Controller

-Current C Class Drivers License

-Current White Card

-Current RSA

-Expert level knowledge and experience with Microsoft office Suite & Data entry related tasks.

-Proficiency and familiarity with Windows/OSX and Linux operating systems and hardware.

-Proficiency with Adobe Suite/ Final Cut Pro and other video/photo editing software.

-Proficiency with HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT and other web software.

-Proficiency with SPSS and similar advanced statistical software.

-Experience with SKIDATA interfaces/software and hardware.

- Relatively Successful YouTube channel with 4050 subscribers and over 1,200,800 overall Channel views.

- Small time Web-development business ventures for a couple of clients in 2015-2016 mostly abandoned due to time, work and study constraints.

- Previous experience blogging in 2013 with a small following of 200 subscribers on WordPress.

- Extensive experience with web stores and hundreds of associated WordPress plugins from a previous business venture in drop shipping 3d printing filament from China and liaising with clients around the world. Abandoned due to work and study commitments and low profit margins.

Information Technology Professional & Web Developer

James Joseph McPherson

  • Birthday: 1 June 1994
  • Phone: +61 450 289 359
  • City: City : Perth, Western Australia
  • Age: 25
  • Degree: Graduate Diploma
  • Email:
  • Freelance: Available


HTML / CSS / Javascript 90%
Wordpress 100%
Ubuntu LTS 85%
CMD / Powershell 80%
Networking Infrastructure 75%
Academic Writing 100%
Adobe Premier Pro 90%
Photoshop 100%
Articulate 70%
Audacity 70%
PC / Server / Laptop Hardware 95%



James McPherson

Innovative and deadline-driven Information Technology Professional

  • 13 Balsam Link, Stirling, Wa, 6021
  • +61450289359


Edith Cowan University& Graduate Diploma; Cyber Security

2019 - 2023

Accelerated Online Campus

CSI6201 Networking Technologies This unit introduces students to contemporary networking concepts with a focus on infrastructure and its application in business and communication services. Students examine the principles, processes and technologies associated with data communications and computer networking, applications of the major carriage media and communications standards

Australian Fitness Academy& Cert III & IV In Fitness

2017 - 2018

Cloud Campus

Online personal training course.

Crown College&Cert III In Security Operations & Crowd Control

2016 - 2016

Burswood, Crown

Security Operations Certification

Provide First Aid

Sacred Heart College& WACE - UWA Entrance

2007 - 2011

Sorrento, WA

Literature 3A/B, Media 3A/B, Drama 3A,B, Biology 3A/B, Information Technology, 3A/B

Professional Associations

The Australian Computer Society& Student Member

2019 - Present

Licences & Certifications

West Australian C Class Drivers Licence & Manual Drivers Licence

Valid Untill the 2nd May 2021

White Card;WA Worksite Clearance

2015 - 2017

Provide First Aid &

2016 - Present

Both Crowd Control & Security Operations; WA Licences

2016 - 2018

Traffic Management & Traffic Control Certifications; Kenlyn Training

2015 - 2017

Current Police Clearance


Professional Experience

Technical Support Officer

Dental Health Services
Feb 2020 - June 2020

52, Salter Point, Mount Henry, WA

  • Installed, configured & launched a proxied local Ubuntu 16 LTS server W/Apache, public_html FTP server to host WordPress, integrating MP4 Articulate screen recordings in HTML/PHP
  • Remotely accessed Windows 7/10 desktops & laptops via PsExec.exe in CMD, through the DHS network, identified and managed with their respective IP addresses -- editing config.ini's to troubleshoot user cloud updates to the Host NEC server
  • Created Infographics to promote the effective utility of keyboard shortcuts & optimal efficiency in the workplace
  • Set up multiple NUC PC's, a Windows Desktop + a Ubuntu Server from scratch according to workplace ergonomic standards W/ cable management

Media & Marketing Intern

The University of Western Australia; Careeers Centre
Jul 2018 - Sep 2018

Nedlands, WA

  • In this position I was exposed to working in a professional office environment. My primary duties involved producing promotional content for the University to promote their Study Overseas and Student Exchange programs.
  • I was required to produce several Video productions and info-graphics which are currently being used by the University.
  • This role involved liaising with my Supervisor and working with a team to produce media that is consistent with the values and ideologies of UWA.
  • In this position I made use of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Customer Service Officer

Wilson Parking
Aug 2014 - Feb 2018

Burswood, WA

  • As an ongoing Casual in this position, I was required to respond to customer queries and requests via intercom through the Burswood Casino APM's in the Undercroft Carpark as well as in the more recent MultiStorey.
  • From Late 2014-2015 the position expanded to Traffic Control around Crown Metropol, Wilsons provided training and certification in Traffic Management and Traffic Control through Kenlyn Training.
  • This role involved liaising with my Supervisor and working with a team to produce media that is consistent with the values and ideologies of UWA.
  • Shifts often arose due to events and functions at the premise, making this employment both dynamic and variable.

Front-End Web Developer
Jul 2018 - Sep 2018

Nedlands, WA

  • To be eligible, I was required to compose a webpage with Angular JS (JavaScript framework) to feed and display data dynamically from an API endpoint.
  • During my brief time at Credi, I was exposed to working in an Agile environment alongside a startup team.
  • In this position I became familiar with Ubuntu 14 LTS, Vagrant, Gitlab, MySQL, Visual Code and Google Developer tools.
  • n this position I became familiar with Ubuntu 14 LTS, Vagrant, Gitlab, MySQL, Visual Code and Google Developer tools. In this role I predominantly I focused on correcting interface issues and minor page aesthetics as per the tickets (jobs) i received via Atlassian.

Security Control Room Operator

Threat Protect Australia
Jul 2016 - Sep 2018

East Perth, WA

  • In this position I worked alongside a team in managing and responding to alarm activations and alarm technician queries.
  • In addition, the job involved liasing with clients, Patrols and Emergency Services over an IP Phone.
  • Using custom alarm monitoring software, ADSW, my team and I were monitored via back-end statistics to ensure that we maintain an efficient and accurate response rate to all activations.
  • In this position I was exposed to both the hardware and software involved in Alarm Monitoring and Video Surveillance.



13 Balsam Link Stirling, Wa, 6021

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